Your Solo Ad will be sent out to my lists only, NO exit-pops, NO Traffic Exchanges,
NO Safelists, NO other things other than my lists.
I always Over Deliver 10%-30%.
I commit to sending out 75% responsive Top Tier 1 traffic.
Your ad will be delivered within 48-72 (Most of the times MUCH faster).
My list is constantly refreshed daily with new subscribers and they are VERY RESPONSIVE.

Solos are ONLY for Internet Marketing related free offers, NO MLM/Networking ads,
NO randomizer ads and NO paid offers or CB offers.
I will ONLY send traffic directly to your Squeeze Page.
I RESERVE the right to refuse ANY solo ads. If I don’t think it’s a good fit and if you cannot change the ad copy or URL, I will refund your money.
By placing an order for a solo ad, you agree to the no refund policy.
I reserve the right to start sending traffic to the URL before the provisional date.
I only guarantee that I will send you the number of unique clicks you ordered.
The rate of conversions is up to you. Make sure your squeeze page is set up for the best possible conversion rates.
I always welcome your swipe, however, I reserve the right to amend the swipe in part or in its entirity in order to ensure that the Clicks are delivered to you as ordered.
No Adult/Gambling sites (or anything else related).